• May 8, 2017
  • eps

Lightweight boulders and rocks as foam set props are a much more regular requirement than you may think from our customers all over the country at Universal Foam Products. Stage sets, biblical scenes, recreation of historical scenes – all need a realistic base of rock and stone that’s of course much easier to move than the real thing.

In Somerville, NJ, the rock required for the High School World Class Indoor Color guard needed to be moved and dragged around for each and every performance. It also had to be dismantled and transported around from venue to venue as the competition progressed. Our client and team manager explained how the rock forms part of the performance. “The boulder is the primary focus and theme of our show and is dramatically dragged across the performance floor in a very theatrical manner,” they said. “Because the huge boulder needs to be transported and assembled very quickly at various locations, it remains in 6 separate pieces that can be quickly stacked to form the boulder.”

Universal Foam products supplied four blocks of EPS foam which the customer put together to form a boulder 7’ high, 9’ long and 6’ thick. Using a range of tools including a chainsaw, a hotwire cutter and gorilla glue, the boulder was sculpted to the exact form needed. It was then painted and textured to make the effective and realistic foam set props for the performance.

“Using EPS Foam satisfied both our aesthetic requirements, as well as our functional needs to keep such a large prop portable and manageable,” explained the team manager.

The Somerville High School Color Guard are two-time World Champions (2012 and 2015) and one of the nation’s leading color guard programs. We wish them every success in their next World Championships.

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