• April 11, 2017
  • eps

EPS foam is very popular as a medium for sculptures. The range of finishes for foam sculptures increases its versatility even further. For public sculptures, the finished EPS foam piece must be durable enough for temporary or permanent public display – outside or inside. Getting the right finish adds an additional level of protection to this popular material already resistance to water damage.

In Cortex, Florida, local artist Rose Like, was commissioned to build an incredible 24ft long model of a hammerhead shark. The shark is said to have been sighted in local waters over the years – a local piece of folklore or legend. The final model is to hang outside adjacent to a local road. The commission needed a huge piece of EPS foam as a starting point. Once carved, it was to be coated in an epoxy coating or fiberglass to give it a further realistic appearance as well as additional protection to knocks and damage. The 1 lb density EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam – the most popular choice for sculptures – was delivered as a huge block 48” x 65” x 240” long in order to do justice to the massive creature.

EPS foam, regardless of the size of block selected, can then be easily carved with electric hot knives and bow cutters. As well as paints, varnishes, epoxy and fiberglass, some artists even use a bronze finish to great effect.

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