• April 11, 2017
  • eps

Creating an impact in interior design can mean expense, time and effort for a busy homeowner. Creating faux ceiling beams with EPS foam reduces all those issues – while still making a room space more dramatic, inviting or cozy. In a recent project with Universal Foam Products, faux ceiling beams were used to incredible effect. Just a few simple stages to get an authentic wood look without the weight and without the cost. Foam ceiling beams can be used wherever a beam may have been traditionally used in a room design. Faux beams can simply be attached onto a flat ceiling or be set into a large cathedral ceiling space. In this project, shown step by step in our photo gallery, a cathedral beam structure was wanted to accentuate the ceiling in a room makeover.

The faux beams started as 19 pre-cut pieces of 1 lb density EPS (expanded polystyrene) delivered to site. They were then taper cut and shaped by hand and put together with a simple but effective Loctite constriction adhesive. To get the authentic timber look, a combination of latex paint and gel stain was used. This method can achieve a wide range of natural timber effects. Alternatively, the foam ceiling beams could be painted in a stand out color to fit a room’s décor. Once painted and finished, the big time saver is lifting and fitting foam ceiling beams rather than dealing with the weight of a significant wooden structure. No lifting equipment or major labor required means both time and effort saved but what about cost? Incredibly, this faux foam ceiling beam project was completed at under $300 for materials.

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