Susan’s Angels are created primarily from paper twist and ribbons. Each of these adorable girls with fun personalities are designed and created by Susan M. DiGivanni of Unforgettable Impressions. No two angels are alike. Each angel has her own unique individuality and accessories. Some of the girls have pearls and rhinestones, while others have bows and flowers. The angels’ hair of Spanish moss is shaped into short sporty cuts or some have long page boys that are topped with a headband, a tiara, or an adorable halo. There are two sizes of standing angels: 16” and 9”. The 16” angel sells for $18 (3 for $45) and the 9” angel sells for $14 (2 for $25). Also, in the same paper twist, I have created angel tree ornaments which sell for $8 each (3 for $20). I have designed the angels in twelve different shades of paper twist. Some of the angels are in color combinations that might match your bedroom and can be displayed 12 months each year! As a special tradition, this year I have fashioned a new angel to add to my Angel Family. The latest design for 2011 will be a Halloween Angel dressed in black with orange accessories, including a tall black pointed hat!

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