2” Styrofoam Brand foam is most commonly used under concrete floors in new construction. The 2” STYROFOAM™ sheets have an R-Value of 10. With a density under 2 lbs. per cubic foot and compression strength of 25 psi, it can easily handle the weight of the slab and activities above. It is often specified by architects when hydronic heat is being installed in the concrete slab. With the R-10 insulation, most of the heat from the hydronic system is forced upward into the room above instead of being absorbed into the ground below.

Additional Information
Application : Construction, Packaging, Arts and Crafts
Density : 2 lbs per cubic foot
Insulation Value : R-10
Compression Strength : 25 PSI


STYROFOAM™ Sheets Projects

Thin Foam Sheets for Carving