Expanded Polystyrene & Styrofoam™ Brand Foam Products

Universal Foam offers a complete line of EPS products ranging from innovative packaging solutions to construction-grade building materials. It’s a comprehensive lineup designed to provide your business with the latest in EPS products and technology.

With the variety of uses for EPS, chances are you’ll find a use for this cost-effective and beneficial material in your business!

Styrofoam & Expanded Polystyrene Blocks Styrofoam & Expanded Polystyrene Sheets Styrofoam & Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Styrofoam coolers, beer & wine shippers Styrofoam floatations for docks STYROFOAM Brand Foam Blue Board STYROFOAM Brand Foam Craft Products
Blocks Sheets Packaging Coolers Bottle Shippers Marine Floatation Styrofoam Blue Board Insulation Styrofoam for Arts & Crafts

Other Applications

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