Foam for Cake Dummies

Cake Dummy
Cake Dummy

Do you want the perfect cake at your next party? Foam Cake Dummies are the answer and are great to create the perfect cake displays. This cake dummy was bought and created as a gift from the mother of the groom for their wedding. She provided the top diameter, the bottom diameter and the height, along with the number of layers. Universal Foam Products then determined the remaining diameters of each layer using computer-aid design.

A 1” Diameter hole was added in the center of each layer, so the cake dummy could easily be kept aligned. The cake was 36” Diameter on the bottom, and stood about 52” tall. Foam Letters, are another great prop for weddings. We can create anything from the word “LOVE” to a couples initials. Have Universal Foam Products help you with your next party or wedding.


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