Styrofoam Snowflakes are an ideal component for Holiday décor creation, arts and crafts, school projects, scenery, and more. The creative range our Snowflakes have is practically endless! Cover the snowflakes in glitter, make “floating snowflakes” with fish line for instant holiday decoration, or use them as scenery for a stage production.

Styrofoam Snowflake Covered In Glitter

A finished Styrofoam Glitter Snowflake.


So What Can You Make With Styrofoam Snowflakes?

A quick Pinterest search for “Craft Snowflakes”, “Snowflake DIY” or “Holiday Snowflake Project” makes one thing very clear. The creative possibilities for this fantastic craft item are truly endless. The snowflakes are used as ornaments, scenery, wreath embellishments, and are also used a centerpieces for Christmas Dinner. Some customers really get creative with the snowflakes and create rubber stamps, holiday cupcake holders, stencils, mini Christmas tree bases, and much more.

The following is a few of our favorite projects using Styrofoam Snowflakes.

Styrofoam Snowflakes Wall Decorations

Styrofoam Snowflakes used as wall decorations.

If you’re looking for instructions on “How To Make Your Own Glitter Snowflake” take a look at the video below!

Also, be sure to visit They are one of the biggest e-commerce websites for craft foam products, and in addition to their fantastic inventory their website also features a Project Gallery, which is a great source of inspiration for arts & crafts, sculptures, and more.

Snowflake Crafts For Kids

Glitter Snowflakes

Floating Styrofoam Snowflakes are super easy to make and super effective! They are easily created in minutes, and are ultra-light, so you can hang them from just about anything. They can also be customized with glitter, paint, beads, and more. This project is a quick way to instantly add some Holiday decor to any room.


Floating Snowflakes

Floating Snowflakes In Action!


Styroshapes Craft Foam Products

Where can I purchase my own Styrofoam Snowflakes? is one of the largest e-commerce sites for craft foam products, and features a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and much more. Now that you’re interested in starting your own project, visit their Project Gallery for some inspiration! The gallery is a great collection of finished projects using Styroshapes products. With projects ranging from model trains, to living room furniture, you’ll be sure to find something there to kickstart your own creativity!


Box of Styrofoam Snowflakes