STYROFOAM™: The Trusted Name in Thermal Insulation

A trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, STYROFOAM™ is a brand of extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards used for thermal insulation. Because of its light blue color, it is often referred to as ‘blue board.’ The selection of XPS products we offer at Universal Foam Products are known for their excellent R-value, making them ideal insulation for walls, floors and roofs for both residential and commercial buildings.

Our branded insulation has been tried and tested, proving to be sturdy and water-resistant because of its extremely compact composition. This prevents moisture absorption, which in turn decreases the chances of mold growth. Deceivingly lightweight, this kind of polystyrene has high compression strength and is able to withstand load requirements as high as 100 psi.

Expanded polystyrene foam boards and blocks can be easily cut, shaped and molded to suit different needs, whether construction-related or not.