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Universal Foam Products Newsletter



Project of the Month

Floating Porch and Pier

Featured October

The attached photo is of my new floating screened in porch and pier. This structure replaced an old pier and platform that supported a Victorian style gazebo. All of that structure was supported by traditional pilings. As I considered replacing the weathered gazebo I discovered that the pilings had also failed. I did not want to go through the cost of installing new pilings so I considered floating the entire structure and Universal Foam Products came with the solution. The pier is 36 feet long and 5 feet wide and is supported by six 1 pound Virgin EPS blocks measuring 28×48 x 57 inches. The porch is 16 feet square and is supported by 4 one pound Virgin EPS blocks measuring 27×48×96 inches. It has saved a lot in construction costs and it provides a clean look on the water no matter the level of the water.

Louisville, MS

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