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November 2009
Daylight savings time is over so the nights are longer and the days shorter and if you live in the north it is getting down right cold. On the brighter side, Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means some extra time off to spend with family and friends and lots of good eating. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!
Featured Project of the Month

Safari Birthday

This picture shows you what you can do with a vivid imagination and a tremendous amount of talent. One of our customers, who is not a professional artist, came up with this idea for their child’s birthday party. He carved and glued together thin layers of EPS – ½”, ¾” and 1”, to create the animal shapes. He then applied a coating and paint to create the amazing finished product you see here. The animals were the hit of the party with parents who came with their children. They wanted to know where they could buy them. You can see more photos at univfoam.com/projects. See more pictures of this project and others in our past projects gallery.

Look what we have been up too!

Stadium Seating

Stadium Seating

One of the increasingly popular uses for EPS Geofoam is the construction of stadium seating for commercial movie theaters and school and college lecture halls. View the project slideshow >

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Universal Gets a Blog!
Think you’re the only one that has a cool EPS project? Check out our brand new blog, where we discuss EPS solutions, answer FAQs and showcase some of the coolest STYROFOAM & EPS customer projects. So if you’ve got an idea or a unique STYROFOAM or expanded polystyrene (EPS) project that you think “could never get done, it’s impossible” — think again. Hopefully we can inspire your next foam project!

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