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July 2008

Featured Project of the Month

This Jester Gets Around

The Jester was created as a mascot for the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts using 1 lb density EPS. Built on a mobile platform, he greets visitors for different events, sometimes accompanying a guest speaker on stage. In his “off time”, he welcomes customers to the Jester Gift Shop. Patrons really enjoy having their picture taken with him! Contact information is: Frederick Short, 757-539-6272, 1865 White Marsh Road, Suffolk, Virginia 23434, email [email protected] More of Fred’s work may be seen at artwanted.com/sculptor234

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Graph_Web.jpg Price Increases

Like everything else, the cost of EPS and other foam products is on the increase. The end of June we had increases of 6% to 7% at our Central and Eastern locations and on July 14 we have a 10% increase going into effect at most of our Western locations. The best way to hedge the increases is to order as much product as you can as early as you can. We are sure to have additional increases as the cost of oil continues to climb but are doing our best to hold them in check. Your continued business is greatly appreciated.

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If your next project is a packaging challenge, a new product application, a construction project or a theater set, Universal Foam can provide you quality material at the best prices available. Not matter where you are located, you are just a short distance from one of over 80 manufacturing facilities.

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Universal Foam Fabrication Capabilities

How our foam fabrication cutting techniques work

Universal Foam can provide expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XEPS), as well as polyurethane foams, polyethylene foams, and blends. If you have a packaging or manufacturing challenge, let us take a look. We might be able to solve your problem and save you money.

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Did You Know?

“What is Geofoam?”

EPS Geofoam is a lightweight, rigid foam plastic used for green roof systems as a soil alternative, for leveling sloped or stadium seating floors, elevating slabs, forming roof top swimming pools and building retaining walls. EPS geofoam is approximately 100 times lighter than most soil and at least 20 to 30 times lighter than other lightweight fill alternatives. Call Universal Foam Products to see if Geofoam will work on your next project.

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