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BuildBlock ICFs not only save natural resources, they save installation time, materials and money.

Energy Efficiency & Savings

At a time when energy costs are soaring, it makes more
sense to spend money on a safer, longer lasting, and more
energy efficient home than to spend that same money
on utility bills. Depending on the climate, BuildBlock
homeowners enjoy a 30 – 70% savings in heating and/or
cooling costs!

  • BuildBlock ICFs can contribute toward
    19-27 LEED Certification Points due to their
    tremendous energy-efficiency, excellent indoor air
    quality, and recyclable nature.
  • Concrete is a green building material
  • ICF is a green building material. ICFs
    contain no HCFC, formaldehyde, asbestos, or
    fiberglass. No harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)
    are used in their manufacture, nor is there any
    degree of 'off-gassing' of VOCs.
  • ICF structures are extremely durable and
    have life spans which are more than double those
    of traditional construction methods.
  • ICF construction is an anti-urban-sprawl
    technology. ICFs create super quiet, safe and
    sound homes and multi-family dwellings – ideal for
    the new urban redevelopment trend.

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Green with ICFs

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