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Universal Foam Products is a Master Distributor of BuildBlock® Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)

BuildBlock® Building Systems, LLC is the most innovative Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) company in the market today. As a respected leader in green building components, we believe in building structures that are energy-efficient, safe, healthy, comfortable and sustainable. Our market is growing at an ever increasing rate due to the necessity for building homes, commercial and governmental facilities that are environmentally friendly resulting in green energy savings for fossil fuels and smaller carbon footprints.

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There are many great reasons that architects worldwide are using BuildBlock® Insulating Concrete Forms for their design needs:

  • BuildBlock® ICFs allow you to experience the power of BIM by designing with BuildBlock® Revit models!
  • BuildBlock® ICFs give you limitless design goals without compromising energy efficiency.
  • BuildBlock® ICFs buildings can be designed in any style and will accept any traditional exterior finish including vinyl or wood siding, stucco, EIFS, rock, and brick. There are new innovative materials on the market now that can be applied directly to ICFs with no vapor barrier required. These materials can also be stamped to look like rock, brick, stucco, and other surfaces.
  • BuildBlock® ICFs have web spacing on 6 inch centers, with more attachment points, where most ICFs webs and furring strips are spaced on 8 to 12 inch centers. This adds strength to the block while eliminating scallops and potential for blowouts.
  • BuildBlock® ICFs have a continuous R-Value of R-21 without adding any finish materials that may give additional R-Value. There is no thermal bridging or convection from other building components.
  • BuildBlock® ICFs provide you with all 10 Energy Optimization Points. Our product also has the potential to impact the following LEED Certification Point categories: Energy Performance, Reduced Footprint, Materials and Resource Credits, Durability, Indoor Air Quality, Innovative Design, and Sustainable Construction.

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