If you are getting ready to build a new home, now you can take your 8″ block concrete block wall from R-1.11 to R-13.5 and it is simple and inexpensive. Simply by having your masonry contractor place EPS insulation blocks inside the cavities of the concrete block as they are installed you can increase the insulation for your concrete block wall by 12 times. Here is how it works.

An 8″ hollow concrete block (the type used for most concrete block walls) only has an R-Value of 1.11. EPS insulation blocks that are 5” thick have an R-value of R-20.5. Simply by placing the EPS blocks inside the concrete block voids while the foundation wall is being built, that R-1.11 insulation value for the block wall is turned into an average of R-13.52.

It is simple. It is inexpensive. And the best part is that the EPS insulation blocks are available from over 100 locations nationwide through Universal Foam Products, the innovator in energy reducing home insulation products.

If you are adding brick to your concrete block wall you can increase the insulation value by an additional R-4 by having your masonry contractor install EPS wall panels in the airspace between the block and the brick. If your project requires that you use 10″ or 12″ concrete block your additional R-Value will be much greater. See the chart below.

Block Size

Block R-Value

EPS Insulation

Combined R-Value

8″ Concrete Block 1.11 20.5 13.52
10″ Concrete Block 1.2 29.07 19.04
12″ Concrete Block 1.28 36.09 23.56


To get a budget price on your project you can use our online calculator or you can call Universal Foam Products and let one of our insulation professionals provide a custom quote.1 lb EPS which is used for the concrete block insulation has a summer R-Value of 3.85 per inch and a winter R-Value of 4.17 per inch. The R-Values used in calculations are the average of the two.