Bottle Shipper 12 Pack

12 pack Magnum Wine ShipperWine Bottle Shipper 


Why are our EPS bottle shippers that best solution for packaging your bottles?

Affordability, Protection, Temperature Control and Weight. EPS foam is made from pressed heated beads, which form millions of air pockets. These air pockets insulate, absorb shock and decrease the overall density of the foam without affecting the volume.

We only offer bottle shippers that meet strict quality standards, and because we have such large inventory we can offer ultra-competitive prices. Because the product is cradled in cushioning foam, it will reach its destination intact. Should your bottle’s content contain temperature sensitive liquids, the insulating properties inherent to EPS foam are an added benefit. Finally, because the weight of foam is almost negligible, there is a significant savings in shipping costs.

We have a variety of shapes to accommodate your exact needs, be it 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 bottles per pack. Not sure which shipper best suits you? Contact our trained sales staff today.



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