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Universal Foam Products Offers Molded Foam Products for Any Application

Universal Foam Products provides molded foam products that serve any business packaging or shipping needs. Universal Foam Products also sells molded foam products that are custom-made per customer specifications.

In addition to the custom molded EPS shapes, Universal also carries a full catalog of STYROFOAM ™ Brand Foam for the floral, craft, and special events industries.

Hunt Valley, MD, December 7, 2007 – Universal Foam Products sells a large variety of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, along with various other items used for any applications that customers might require.

Molded foam products are tailored specifically to the customer’s needs and specifications. Businesses sometimes make specialty items that they cannot ship or package in general packaging due to the items’ fragility. In these instances, businesses require molded foam products that can both fit and protect these items.

Molded foam meets the unique requirements of a product’s size or shape. Because it has to be cut in a special process, molded foam is generally created from a specially created mold that works solely for the item for which it is made.

Products that require molded foam are specialty items made for businesses that wish to ensure the item remains undamaged during shipment to customers or facilities. The molded foam is so unique that companies wishing to have other products made in this manner have to have a new mold made to make the molded foam for each product. Despite the extra expense of molded foam products, it has saved much more money than it cost by protecting valuable items through the shipping process.

About Universal Foam Products – Universal Foam Products is a retailer of foam products that can be used for a large variety of applications. In addition to custom sizing, customers are able to have molded foam products made to order. With over 80 locations, Universal Foam Products can sell products to customers nationwide. Visit to find out the products and services available today