Expanded Polystyrene and Its Many Uses

The use of products made from expanded polystyrene and other foam products affects every facet of life for people around the world. The applications for expanded polystyrene, just to name a few, include building materials, cups, takeout containers, packaging materials, and much more. For every item purchased and shipped, there is likely some form of expanded polystyrene utilized for protection. Not only does EPS have protective qualities for packaging and contained items, it also sees extensive use in the construction industry.

One use in construction is for insulation materials as well as for sound dampening and flooring. Food services use it to provide an inexpensive option for customers to take food outside of the dining establishment. Packaging frequently uses this type of polystyrene. Other utilizations include applications in the architectural industry and construction models. Because it’s so common, many people take it for granted. However, it serves an absolutely essential purpose in the modern economy.

With so many uses, customers can find an expanded polystyrene product for any project, product, or shipping necessity. It’s vital for anyone who runs a shipping business. Many people have personal uses for EPS, using it for art or crafts projects. To learn more about expanded polystyrene, or other foam products, visit UnivFoam.com. Universal Foam Products offers customers the foam products that perfectly fit their needs.