Buying Foam Products

Foam is one of those products that the modern world absolutely needs. One of the biggest reasons people use foam is for is packaging. Foam can be a great and cost effective way to ship a package. By using it to encase the items sent you rest assured that it will arrive safely.

One problem that people have with shipping bulky items is that they cannot find anything in which they can ship their product. Nothing fits, but the items being shipped need to get there in one piece. However, foam can be squared off to easily to fit around whatever it is that you are shipping. It is strong, lightweight, and can protect your valuables.

The type of foam that can be squared off, or even rounded, is called EPS, or expanded polystyrene. Retailers often precut expanded polystyrene to your fit your needs. Retailers can cut EPS foam at any thickness and density that you may need. The EPS foam comes in many shapes and angled corners. It comes in various sizes as well. The best quality of EPS is its versatility.

Memory foam is very common type used for mattresses and pillows. Its heat sensitivity helps it mold to the shape of your body. Another type of foam is impression foam. Some doctors, like podiatrists, use this to measure a patient’s arch support. Police also use impression foam to model impressions of shoes found at a crime scene.

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