Buying Expanded Polystyrene Foam

Many companies have large bulky products that they need to ship out on a daily basis. Sometimes, they have problems in finding a way to ship these items. The boxes may be big, and using shipping peanuts may not be enough protection for the items in question. You need something that is going to get your products safely to their destination. The last thing you want is to have a customer call you to return their broken item. Expanded polystyrene is exactly what you need. This lightweight, flexible, and very protective foam can be molded to your specifications. This foam is very flexible and durable. Therefore, whatever you need to ship, you can do it safely with expanded polystyrene foam.

Machines using pre-cut wires and molds vaporize the expanded polystyrene foam. This way, the foam can be cut with straight edges or curves. People can mold the foam to any angle or shape. In addition, it can be in any size that you request. If the company does not have the size or shape you want, they can custom mold the foam for you and your shipping needs. You can even purchase expanded polystyrene foam in bulk. You will never have to worry about your shipping needs once you start using this foam. It is even guaranteed by the company. They stand behind their products. They know that you will be completely satisfied with the foam.

If you are interested in the expanded polystyrene, you can calculate the cost of the size and density that you need at the website. This quick estimate will show you how inexpensive it is to ship with this foam product. Universal Foam Products is the company that will guarantee the quality of their goods. Find out more online, at