The Many Applications for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene foam, or EPS, is one of the most versatile materials available for a variety of applications. Because of its light weight, rigidity, and thermal and acoustic insulating properties, the material has gained widespread use across a wide range of industries.

Most consumers would recognize EPS foam in packaging cushions often used to ship delicate materials. The material is actually available in a variety of forms to suit almost any purpose. Expanded polystyrene blocks, for instance, can be custom-cut and molded into a practically infinite amount of shapes and sizes. Panels made from this material, on the other hand, can be purchased in thicknesses ranging from 3/8″ and up.

EPS is made by expanding solid beads of polystyrene with steam and pressure. Air pockets formed during its creation serve to impede the flow of heat, which makes the material a highly efficient thermal and acoustic insulator. In fact, EPS has become one of the most commonly used materials for insulating building walls, floors and roofs over the past three decades.

Another reason for the material’s popularity in the construction industry is the amount of compression it can handle. Usually, the expanded polystyrene blocks used in construction projects have a compression resistance ranging from 2.2psi to over 15psi. This makes it possible for the material to be used as void fill for building foundations, roads, decks and other structures that require a specific material density.

EPS also sees much use in crafts, as well as in the creation of props for film and stage. Because the material is light and can be easily sculpted or molded into various shapes and forms, many production companies use EPS to create their sets.

EPS foam can be ordered in a wide range of configurations and sizes to suit almost any application. Contacting a firm that specializes in the manufacture and sale of the material is the best way to determine what is needed for a specific project.

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