STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Provides The Best Solution For Insulation

STYROFOAM™ brand products have been popular in the construction industry for decades. With a wide array of extruded polystyrene building products, this Dow Chemical Company trademark encompasses a full range of foam and insulation products. Commonly referred to as “blue board” because of its color, this material is invaluable in the field of construction because of its many superb qualities.

STYROFOAM™ brand of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) is an effective shield against heat or cold because of its high R-value, making it the top choice for insulation among builders and construction professionals everywhere. R-value refers to the level of resistance to thermal flow that a material possesses. Because of this ability to resist temperature changes, a building that uses STYROFOAM™ brand insulation sheets and panels will be able to keep its inhabitants cool in hot weather and warm during the colder seasons.

The composition of STYROFOAM™ brand polystyrene does not leave room for empty space in between cells, making the material strong and waterproof. Because it does not store moisture, mildew and mold growth are prevented. With high compression strength, it can easily accommodate different load requirements, from 15 psi to 100 psi.

Durable and lightweight, this type of extruded polystyrene is easy to install and can be cut and shaped for different applications, whether for floor, roof or wall insulation. STYROFOAM™ brand insulation sheets and panels are available in different varieties and thicknesses. In addition, it can also last for many years because it is highly resistant to weathering, fire and pests.

The material’s durability, combined with its excellent thermal and moisture resistance, can help to significantly reduce a building’s cooling and heating costs.

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