Those in the arts and crafts business will definitely love our STYROFOAM™ brand foam craft products. Here at Universal Foam, our foam products are perfect for floral arrangements and a host of other creative projects.

Do you run a crafts shop or work for a school? Kids and grown-ups alike will get a kick out of shaping our STYROFOAM™ balls into ornaments, covering them up with glitter, photos, stickers or other knick-knacks.

These foam craft products are also great for those in the decorating business. Your customers can easily beautify their homes with using these products. For instance, STYROFOAM™ boards can be used to hold floral arrangements they’ve been working on, or while blocks can be easily sculpted or molded into snowmen for Christmas, or pumpkins for Halloween. . STYROFOAM™ blocks are also popular in the craft and special events industries, where they are used in the creation of props and stage designs.

We can offer you foam balls and other shapes in many sizes and can package them for you in bulk. Give us a call and we can help you find the foam products that your crafts business needs.