Styrofoam blocks or Polystyrene blocks, a super lightweight material mostly composed of air (more than 90%) is derived from basic polystyrene.  It was originally created by the Dow Company in the year 1941. This closed-cell foam has a high insulating property plus it is also moisture resistant making it waterproof.  These properties made this material highly useful in different industries.  In the manufacturing of STYROFOAM™, a lot of shapes can be made due to its versatility. They can be formed as circles, rectangles and even blocks. STYROFOAM™ blocks are made for many uses. In shipping, they are used as a protective barrier for items to be traveled. They can be shaped to fit the edges of the items. They are made as cushions to avoid these items from being damaged or broken.  In packaging, they are used to contain various items such as appliances, glassware, and other fragile items. These three-dimensional shaped STYROFOAM™ blocks are very useful in other ways.  A lot of crafts can be derived out of it. They can be used to duplicate real objects. They are formed as mountains, fields, rocks, trees, structural buildings, and other creative things. They can also be painted to make them appear as real. This application is very much applied in commercials, theaters, school arts, malls, commercial complex, movie industries and many more. Even in the homes, they can be formed into different shapes such as Christmas balls, flowers for the vases, fruits for the tables, and holders for different accessories. These small shaped figures can be derived from STYROFOAM™ blocks that have been previously used